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The Medical Intelligence One


We implement AI in clinical practice.

Image by Jack Finnigan

We believe that taking care of people should be a joy, and that everyone everywhere deserves good care. We believe that each person’s identity and story matters, whether they be giving or receiving care. We believe that decisions should be made with the bigger picture in mind, with wisdom gleaned from experience, and with compassion inspired by understanding one another’s values. We believe in learning from one another.

We implement AI because we have personally felt the crushing pressures faced by healthcare workers, as well as the pain and uncertainty faced by patients. We know that massive potential lies dormant in our medical data, poised to usher in a new era of personalized, intelligence-based precision medicine; an era where taking care of people truly is a joy and where the wisdom of all humanity attends the care of every patient.

Image by amirreza JB

We build systems that integrate the world’s medical knowledge, real world data, and human values as a holistic foundation for clinical artificial intelligence. We focus on practical applications that simplify day-to-day clinical tasks in intuitive ways. We are enabling precision medicine with systems that leverage the 'omics and other emerging technologies.

Our mission is bigger than we are. We move shoulder-to-shoulder with patients, caregivers, administrators, technologists, entrepreneurs and policymakers around the world who share our commitment to implement AI in clinical practice.

Image by NASA
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