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Brendan Dunphy



Brendan Dunphy is a technologist with over 30 years of experience bringing emerging technologies to market in the US, Europe and Africa.

Why I implement AI in healthcare

My Story

Entrepreneur, consultant & social innovator specializing in Digital & Data strategy, Knowledge Graphs, HealthcareAI, innovation, and transformations.

Currently CEO of C-BIA Consulting Ltd and principal consultant at Dunphy Associates. Previously co-founder of online benchmarking provider Max.Net (UK) Ltd. and internet services company Extend Solutions. Other major roles include Consulting Director at Mobile Market Development (Telco research, Dublin) and former Innovation Lead at Frost & Sullivan Ltd in Europe.

Former Director of the Accenture (then Anderson Consulting) Centre for Strategic Technology in Sophia Antipolis, France pioneering novel applications of emerging web and mobile technologies to create new business value and capabilities.

Trustee of the youth charity the Lowdown and the Northamptonshire REACH collaborative of youth charities.

Member of the Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise & Governance (CCEG), the Open Data Institute (ODI), the Research Data Alliance (RDA) and a founding citizen of the Virtual State.

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