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Humans are complex.

Human minds cannot comprehend billions of data points in the context of billions of other data points.


Contemporary medical record systems were designed for billing and litigation, not for the practice of medicine.

That is why we have been unable to make full use of the data that is already in front of us, and the secrets of health and disease remain hidden in plain sight.

That is why we built the MI-1 Clinical Co-Pilot™.

Image by Bofu Shaw


microbial species in human intestines 

3 billion 

base pairs in human DNA


chemicals in human blood

Meet your


Image by Brent Cox

Clinical Co-Pilot

has seen millions of

pathology reports

imaging reports




vital signs



In short, it is experienced

MI-1 Clinical Co-Pilot™ connects to the electronic medical record system and interacts with clinicians in real-time,,opening a portal between the point of care and an intelligent recommendation system that grows ever more powerful as it learns.


Clinical Co-Pilot injects intelligence into tasks like drafting clinical notes and orders, improving efficiency and quality while reducing the mental load. Perhaps most importantly, it has the capacity to leverage technologies such as genomics, microbiomics, and metabolomics, which will define the era of precision medicine.

While a physician writes or dictates, Clinical Co-Pilot provides

Autocomplete aligned with billing

Alternative diagnoses to consider

Common orders for a given problem

Experts with experience managing a given problem

+ other recommendation categories

Image by Thom Milkovic

It is not a safety net
or a practice guideline

It will never tell you what you should do

But it knows what you likely will do

And it strives to make that easier

You don't have to fly solo anymore

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