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Rare Diagnoses Made Accessible with AI Assistance

Enola™ is an AI-powered application that iterates quickly with you to generate differentials for rare diseases based a patient's data. The beta version is now freely available worldwide.

Medical Consultation

Enola Telemedicine Platform

We are building a telemedicine platform focused on diagnosing rare diseases. We provide the AI and precision medicine support you need to crack the case.

Fully Remote
On your Schedule





There are about 70 million patients with undiagnosed rare diseases in the U.S.

They will spend an average of 7 years searching for a diagnosis

3.5 million of them have effective therapy waiting right now

They all have answers and a supportive community waiting

 Young Woman Contemplating

Rare Disease Diagnostic Process on the Enola Telemedicine Platform

Rare Disease Diagnostic Process (2).gif

We Empower with AI

We Connect through Telemedicine

We Keep Searching Until we Find a Diagnosis

We Introduce Newly Diagnosed People to Disease-Specific Care


diseases are known to exist


diseases are learned in medical school

If you've never heard of the patient's rare condition, you're in good company. Most doctors haven't. 
We're not going to let that stop us.

Abstract Futuristic Background

Enola gathers evidence from trusted sources like Orphanet, embeds this knowledge into an ever-growing knowledge graph, and uses this knowledge to generate a list of the most likely diseases for given a set of clinical findings. It is designed to participate actively in the diagnostic thought process, showing evidence and providing recommendations in an exchange of ideas more rapid than human conversation. 

Try out Enola (beta version) today
or get on the waitlist for the Enola Telemedicine Platform. 

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